Yoga-Style Bodywork Escondido

Struggling to relax?

Yoga-style bodywork uses stretching and passive movement to help your body and your mind calm down.

Thai massage is a natural and traditional healing modality that, like yoga, can increase your flexibility, help recover from back pain or soreness, reduce stress, provide spiritual connection, and improve overall wellness without pills or pharmaceuticals.

I come to your home. I'll bring a mat.

Reliable service.

Stretching, joint range of motion, and other tools from Thai traditional bodywork practices.

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$100/1 hour

$110/1.5 hours

Regular work is important: $20 off every 4th session


What is yoga-style bodywork?


Gentle, hands-on stretching tailored to your needs and abilities. Since you are being stretched, your body gets to enjoy staying relaxed the whole time.


As I move your joints through a range of motion they will soften and relax.

Care for your muscles

Muscles are warmed up with compression and opening up stuck or tight areas for faster muscle recovery.

Faster recovery from your workouts

Don't take enough time to stretch and recover? Improve your recovery and mobility while I do the relaxing and stretching for you.

Stress Relief

Proper care and holistic support for your body and mind to relax while I work on you will help you to let go.

Long-lasting results

The effects of Yoga-style bodywork last longer than traditional table massage.

What people say


Hi. I've been doing Thai massage for about 12 years

I learned from the Institute of Thai Massage in New Jersey. I owned my first studios in Philadelphia.

Now, here in Escondido, CA, I'm bringing Thai-yoga-style bodywork to people's homes, so they can more easily schedule, can relax immediately after, and get back to their lives feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Did you know Thai bodywork can be tailored to be super relaxing or invigorating? Tailoring subtle differences in technique selection and pace can make sure you're ready to go after or ready to take a nap.

In Thailand, a lot of life is done on the ground, including bodywork. Learning Thai-style bodywork has allowed me to move around more easily and help your body align and adjust in a way that's healthy for both me the practitioner and you the client.

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