Best Visit Ever

Come experience San Diego, but more importantly come for the company.

We'll tick off a list of things you want to explore and examine about yourself from the silly and mundane that make up everyday life to the big ticket things that you *try* not to think about. Together, we'll find new ways of relating to the things you want as well as the things you don't, free up your energy, and leave you feeling lighter, more balanced, and thinking about things differently. Also, since it's San Diego, this will probably be done through beach time, good food, and as many of my incredible friends as feels right to introduce you to.

You'll be responsible for your own lodging and you can count on me to spot at least one meal a day but otherwise plan to pay for your other meals. In prior immersions I've done we walk the line of how much activity and interaction is appropriate for your energy. Don't worry about overdoing things. I'll help, yet keep you autonomous.

Includes a one-week and one-month checkup Zoom calls after you leave for integration.

Weekends will almost definitely include some body exploration help, shamanic practices, and deep dives.

You'll receive scheduling details after purchase. We'll figure out the best dates together.

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"There was a ton of deep conversations and I think some cathartic crying for me, which is great and I love that.

For day 2, Sam had planned a "Girls' BJJ Party" because she had asked me if I wanted to do jiu jitsu and I said yes, but only with women for now, and this was perfect for me. It was a great chance for me to deal with some social anxiety and being in situations with a lot of people. I also got to go over to her friend's house as an added bonus.

Day 3 we did more social stuff because I had made a lot of headway and was willing to do that. We filmed a fun mobility video and had another deep talk with some of her friends.

I would say that if you're on the fence about doing the immersion, I encourage you to go for it because it's very customized to what you want to do. She has great intuition and can suggest stuff, but it's really about learning what you want to do and doing it.

At the time, Sam was the only stranger I'd ever felt comfortable with touching me."

Tracy Huang

3 Days

Private sessions