Help Yourself


THE BEST Self-Care Class

My favorite class recording ever. Super informal, with two of my friends.

I originally called (and sold) it The $100 Class because it's basically a seminar/experiential workshop on how to be better to yourself and it's totally worth whatever you put into it.

  • Movement, breathwork, regulating tension, Controlled Articular Rotations, stretching, self-massage and more in just about 70 minutes.

It's a shotgun blast of self-care that will refresh the everlovin shit out of you AND HOPEFULLY gift you with tools that you will carry with you. Experience matters. Don't just read about self-care. Do self-care. Do this video with someone you love or by yourself.


The accompanying ebook is just $29. Buy here.

Happy Feet

Colin's Happy Feet Foot Course - Free

Colin Doyle created this course for my Kinstretch membership. It will build your feet back up from zero to hero with specific recommendations on awareness, exercise, and lifestyle.

I took one look at Colin's feet the first time we hung out and knew he was the guy to make the course for us. They are mobile, comfortable barefoot in nearly any environment, and above all - yes this is a little weird - they just had a glow to them. High vibe feet. High vibe course.

Enjoy. Once you click you'll be asked to enroll for free in his Thinkific-hosted course.

This course is also part of the full mobility membership.

Previously sold for $50 individually. If you want to donate or gift money for this course via Venmo @samantha-faulhaber or PayPal, please comment that it was for Colin's course so I can pass part of it on to him.