The Supportive Mind Course


Are you ready to take control of your life and go after what you truly want? The Supportive Mind video series is here to help. These videos provide a step-by-step guide to connecting with your spirit guides, communicating with your body, and unlocking the wisdom of your ancestors.

With this powerful tool, you'll learn how to keep your goals and desires front and center, and access the energies that have been waiting to support you on your journey. Whether you're seeking personal growth, career success, or simply a deeper sense of purpose, these Supportive Mind videos are designed to help you achieve your goals.

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More Details

Video 1 - Getting Clear and Organizing Your Mind

is for people that have trouble doing or even considering what they want

  • if you want to meet your spirit guides
  • if you feel unsupported and don't know what to do about it

Video 2 - How to Feel Productively

is for people that often try to shut off or avoid their feelings

  • if you've never meditated
  • if you want new and very, very interesting ways of meditating (see some of the results below)

Video 3 - The Big Healing

is for people that tried videos 1 & 2 and still feel stuck AF

  • if you have a lot of internal conflict
  • if you are curious about the spirit stuff! (I see you)

Video 4 - Daily Practices

is for people that want cliff notes on the practical parts

  • if you just want me to tell you what to do
  • you like journal prompts

I have so much confidence that the basics in these videos will help you I wanted them to have their own separate space to revisit when you need them.

What People Are Saying 

after using the techniques from these videos

Just finished all of your videos.
I have been dealing with tingling and pins and needles and coldness in my right arm and foot. Still am, but when I was doing the body scan video, I felt like there was a dark fog over the area. I decided to ask what it was doing there, and it said protecting me. When did you get here? March. What do you do? Slow down slow down (it screamed, felt like it was pulling my hand away from work in an image). How did you die? Heart attack from work burnout.
Thanked it, forgave it, sent it into the light. Immediately had a huge yawn that was a bit abnormal feeling and I thought of green. Now… I’m wondering if I made it all up or if it’s because I just watched your video and my mind was in a suggestive state. Idk maybe everything is real or maybe it’s all imaginary which could also be real. But I wanted to share that with you.

From the day one video, I said hello ancestors, and I immediately felt like there was a half circle of people in front of me. And whenever I try to talk to them, it’s a visual representation of the feeling of a hand on my knee, or on my arm or hand, going up to lift my chin the way that a mother would lift their child’s chin up. They are so loving with a “duh!” laughing kind of energy. Again, I wonder if it’s all in my head. But it feels nice. ✨

-Lisa R


The different light colors during the light meditation:

White felt bright & cleansing
Red felt subdued -> like recovery
Green felt like growth


I did the drawing meditation, this was the experience:

1) it was more in & out than silent awareness.
2) it gave me more lines of inquiry
3) When I'm still, I tend to become aware of sensation in my hands & feet first, & they move inward.
4) when I'm drawing/journaling, I get more from my center lines than I do my extremities.
5) My groin was quiet today. Usually some arousal comes out of my groin about halfway thru a silent session (kind of regardless of how long the session is)

It was interesting, the pain moved sides & shifted lower when I asked what it did for me

& when I asked the pain how it wanted to help, it expanded my spine in the thoracic & cervical parts (similar to my ancestors yesterday) & my rib cage it said frustration, fatigue & stuck were linked to the pain & that relief, calm, & rest were linked to the change it wanted to help me achieve then my nose started to run


I did the exercise where you draw your body and note what comes up.  first of all I drew an outline and made lots of notes on it - then I felt I wanted to draw it all over again, but  just with lines/ symbols of the  parts where there was tightness or pain or discomfort. After that, I took a coloured pen and drew in all the parts that were missing from my pain/tightness map.  I got a really strong feeling  of needing to integrate all those parts into my body, so I asked them what they were bringing me that I wasn’t paying attention to - lots came up!

Really powerful interesting practice - looking forward to watching the next video tomorrow!



I really like the way you have delivered what is pretty big stuff in such a relaxed and accessible way.

My partner joined me in watching todays workshop and he found a lot of resonance, even though he has not previously had much exposure to this kind of work.  I think this is testimony to how much rings true of experiences we have but have not had the inclination to explore, we all feel things but don’t often stop to notice them. It’s also an endorsement of how well you communicate your teachings, we both felt like we learnt a lot.

Chloe S


I tried your first video. It was interesting to call upon my ancestors. I immediately noticed my tongue pulsating 🤣. It went away after a bit but I guess that'll be my sign going forward, unless I have a neurological disorder 🤣-D

When I asked my ancestors the what do you want to help me with they were quiet and then said hm. We hadn't thought about it that way 🤣 the spirit guides were much more excited.

I love the thought that nothing is random and I've been checking in with myself more, because often I don't even bother to ask what I want. -AP

Seriously I love these videos. I can't believe how much you fit into just one hour in the first video, while being so calm and loving! -Anna


I had a stabbing pain in my right scapula all week and I did the drawing meditation and just kept writing what came up. I discovered some unresolved issues with my recent retirement and complete life change. I realized it was OK to love my new life but also admit I miss a little bit of the old work life. The stabbing pain left within 20 minutes. WOW!  Thanks Sam! -Amie